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[Lubien Damianov] 
Luben Damianov is a Bulgarian-born filmmaker and photographer based in NYC. His photographic style captures his models' feminine and masculine allure with timeless continuity.

Q: Tell us about your aesthetic.
As far as fashion photography goes, besides the model's physical beauty, I am interested in their unique and personal sensuality and allure, their
vulnerabilities or strengths, and most of all their emotional state or signature, be it pure innocence or pure decadence. My main photographic
influences stem from the work of Peter Lindbergh, Guy Bourdin, Jock Sturges and Helmut Newton. On the painter's side I would mention Balthus as a namethat stands out.

Q: How do others describe your work?
I am not exactly sure at this point what most people think about my pictures as I'm quite new and haven't been exposed too much, but I have heard variouspeople make comparisons to Helmut Newton's work, which I take as a compliment. Most have mentioned that sex and allure are a presence in myphotos.

Q: Give us example of obstacles you have overcome or
are currently struggling with.
Yes, the main obstacle I am currently trying to overcome as a photographer and an aspiring filmmaker is actually to be able to make a living that way and to dedicate myself to my craft full time. I think that every creative person's goal is to be able to make a living through their art and to quit their day jobs one day... So is mine.

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