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[Helena Kvarnström]
Helena Kvarnström is a photographer working in London, England. She also writes and her first novel is being published this spring by Lazyline.

Q: Tell us about your aesthetic.
A: I have always made art.; it is like breathing. I like investigating
and creating environments.

Q: How do other's describe your work?
A: I'm not really sure how others describe my work. I'm sure some people
like it and others think it's crap and that's fine. It just as nice
when someone sees something I didn't as when someone understands my

Q: Give us example of obstacles you have overcome or
are currently struggling with.
A: Right now? I have to do a presentation on my dissertation at a
conference in two weeks. Public speaking makes me want to die.
Klonopin and wine will help me overcome. Or crying.

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