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I can say without pretense that COPIOUS Magazine was beloved by everyone who got a hold of it’s glossy 5x7 pages…

In 2001 I launched this attractive underground quarterly which combined poetry with art, photography, pin-up girls, and music. The idea was to mix mediums that didn’t usually go together in standard literary journals and coax people to read poetry.

COPIOUS spread quickly in the underground ‘zine scene. There were famous launch parties with singers, rappers, fashion shows, and burlesque dancers. The room was filled with an eclectic mix of people who would not usually be in the same room together.

Before long, I was receiving mail from all over the world, had an impressive subscriber list, and was getting national press coverage. I was the only one on staff, except for a graphic designer.

And then, frustrated with this beautiful thing that consumed me, frustrated with the piles of letters collecting dust behind the couch that I had no time to answer, I stopped. I needed to work on my own writing projects, and so COPIOUS fell into a coma.

With some completed manuscripts in hand, the electric New York City as my new backdrop, and some strong allies, COPIOUS is being revived as an online journal for 2005.

So tell all your friends…

Andrea Grant

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