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[Cesar Kuriyama]
Cesar Kuriyama recently graduated from Pratt Institute of Art and Design with a BFA in Computer Graphics and Interactive Media with an emphasis on Computer Animation. Since it's completion in May 2004, his senior thesis/animated short "Awkward" has already been selected for screening (or won an award) at over 10 film festivals. He is currently working at the New York Film Academy in the 3D animation department while continuing to pursue his interests in animation, graphic design, photography, digital art, and film.


Q: Tell us about your aesthetic.
A: Everything in life is connected in some way to everything else. I’m approaching my instruction of art similarly. By exposing myself in as many facets of art as possible, I improve exponentially in every medium I studied previously…

Q: How do other's describe your work?
A: Unlike many artists, I don’t create entirely for my own self interests. I develop my ideas to both represent my own unique vision, and allow that particular vision to be accessible to as many people as possible. Approval of my own work is based on my ability to effectively stimulate others…

Q: Give us example of obstacles you have overcome or
are currently struggling with.
There’s so much outside of these doors to experience. Millions of books to read. Millions of movies to watch. Millions of paintings to study. Millions of places to visit. Millions upon millions of directions we could take with our lives. Obviously it’s impossible to get it all in before we meet our ultimate demise. So how do we properly prioritize our time on this rock? I’d like to spend the rest of my life learning, but what’s the point of learning if you don’t put it to good use? At what point do we press the pause button on experiencing, and create an experience for someone else? With everything I want to absorb from this world, how much time is left for me to leave things behind?

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