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Guy Stanley Philoche is a Haitian artist who attracts everyone from the private collector to the corporate collector, gracing walls from the East to West Coast.

His Untitled Series uses the principle of a simple box structure as a foundation for balance and symmetry, with thick layers of color and texture applied and sanded. He brings it all together with a layer of varnish, and the result is striking.

He states: “I view the nature of the paints as unpredictable when applied to canvas – as though they are a living entity, and I need to provide a comfortable environment to soothe them. Once a stable structure is set, I can play with the colors and textures that make each piece completely unique. The layers of paint then embrace the way light bleeds through the textures.”

The result is multi-dimensional pieces that exemplify the beauty and irony that he perceives in everyday life.


Q: Tell us about your artistic aesthetic.
A: Being marketable is somewhat important, but to live my truth is more so. I am obsessed with my work. My muse is the humanity I observe on a daily basis, seeing what other artists create, and also the visual beauty and strength of women.

Q: Tell us how others describe your work versus how you see it.
A: My work has so many hidden meanings. I see five paintings in one – each panel has its own separate story. What brings them together is the fact that they are all in the ‘box’. Subconsciously, I see a cross due to the fact that I went to private boarding school and grew up Roman Catholic. Every Sunday my mother told me to ‘get ready and go to church’ and that stayed in the back of my mind. The ‘box’ also has to do with growing up in Connecticut ‘in a box’ and feeling constrained. I wasn’t allowed to express myself until I left home at 17. But I prefer that people see what they want to see, their own stories, and if they experience emotion when looking at my work, my job as an artist is done.

Q: Give an example of an obstacle you have recently overcome.
A: There has always been a struggle to be accepted by my peers. On the one hand, my work is selling, but my peers are constantly telling me ‘Don’t forget about the struggle for greatness, don’t forget about the movement.’ They tell me to be part of the solution in the art world, not part of the problem.

Then I ask myself this question: “If I were to win the lottery and be financially secured for the rest of my life, would I still paint?” The answer is yes - I would still have the same passion and love. Then I ask myself: “Would I still be painting what I am painting right now, the Untitled Series?” And the answer is yes. So fuck THEM. Selling work does not equal sellout.

* Guy Stanley Philoche will be featured in the July issue of Art News, and is currently represented by the Art Gotham Gallery in Chelsea, NYC and the Lyssa Morgan Gallery in Tampa, FL.

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